One Heart

Our purpose is to inspire every young person to believe that he or she can conquer any trial: to help them realise that it’s not about performance, but about enjoying sport as well as owning a healthy body and a sound mind – mens sana in corpore sano. We help to instill a love for sport and for the environment through trail running and mountain bike events that include the whole family and the whole community. In today’s society children are introduced to sport in a very competitive manner. If a learner is not the best in his or her school, he or she is often not motivated to participate. Our aim is to see our children and youth discover the joy of sport at grassroots level. We have seen that children can overcome personal obstacles in their lives by finishing a race. Furthermore, for every race they run, children get to learn how to read.

Proceeds from our trail running and mountain bike events are used to purchase internationally renowned, CAPS aligned, SA Department of Education endorsed Key Links curriculum for SA schools. One Heart children can discover for themselves the beauty and excitement of running, reading and leading.

Developing healthy habits starts at a young age. Let’s help children discover the joy of running and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle as early as possible!

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The SDN is registered as a Non-Profit Company in South Africa, and as a 501c3 Company in the US.
Sustainable Development Network South Africa NPC: K2011/122880/08
Sustainable Development Network USA Non-Profit (501c3) Number: 7357522


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