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SDN Home

Sustainable Development is the concept of using resources to meet the needs of humanity in the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The SDN provides a space for NGOs, government, and professionals to network and access information and research in sustainable development, health, welfare and in the education and training sectors. The SDN promotes projects and lifestyles that will ensure that our children and their children will be able to sustain themselves now and in the future.

Our Mission

To empower NGOs, government and the private sector through research, education, training and through encouraging networks and partnerships that will promote sustainable solutions.

Our Vision

To empower NGOs, government and the private sector to work together toward more sustainable economic, environmental and social solutions.

Platforms and Programmes

The Sustainable Development Network is a networking and capacity building non-profit company serving other non-profits and government agencies in South Africa.  Read here for further information.

The African Sustainability Academy offers capacity building and training programmes for non-profits, government institutions and political leaders in Africa. For further information click here.

One Heart promotes literacy in under-resourced primary schools and youth leadership development for at-risk youth.  For further information click here, or visit the One Heart website.

African Training Programmes

The Resource Mobilisation Workshop was packed with brilliant information, advice and lots of resources. Importantly, I learned how to better manage line items in budgets. E.g. how to calculate all costs in and to adapt overheads/operational costs to better meet donor funding requirements. Also, the idea of offering consulting services was highly valuable. I am definitely interested in attending more seminars.

Karen Jordi

Muizenberg Improvement District

In the Creative Facilitation workshop I learned that slowing down is critical to finding and nurturing my creativity and innovativeness. I was reminded that in order to change the world, one must begin at the individual level. The content was rich and thought provoking and the sessions were strategically paced. Learning about various facilitation approaches has radically transformed my approach to work. I also realised that viral change begins with one small act! I loved it! And that which I love, will lead me to my purpose.

Alison McCallum

Independent Social Consultant

Informative. Empowering. I feel energised to engage with my staff. The PR, Media and Marketing workshop challenged the functionality of our brand and sharpened our skills!

Dawn Peterson

Evergreen Resource Centre